District Manager

Samantha Rogers Coffey

The district manager serves as the initial contact between the general public and federal, state, and local programs and activities.

District managers help to implement the programs and policies decided by the board, coordinate board activities, provide information and data as requested, and serve as an agent fo the district to contact landowners and other agencies regarding district business.

The District Board Meets on the first Tuesday of each Month


Jason Gamble (Chairman) 
Justin Woodard (Treasurer)
David Richburg (Vice Chair)
Vicky Howell

Kevin Ross

A district commissioner is an appointed or elected member of the governing body of a conservation district. Commissioners must identify local conservation needs, set goals, develop plans to achieve those goals, and ensure proper implemenation of those plans.


Kelli Coleman, (Acting) District Conservationist

Steve Anderson, Clarendon Soil & Water Conservation District Technician

The Natural Resource conservation Service has a Cooperative Working Agreement with the conservation district, which says that NRCS and the District will work together on program delivery to customers, technical standards, facilities, equipment, data sharing, funding, liability and civil rights. NRCS provides conservation technology to water quality problems, soil erosion and agricultural waste. They also help individuals, groups, organizations, developers and property owners plan, design, and implement conseration programs that will help protect the county's natural resources.

Associate Commissioners

Dwight Stewart
Hugh McFaddin
Mackie Beard
Lee Reaves, Jr. 
Kermit Holladay

Associate commissioners are officially appointed by the board as advisors and representatives. Associates do not vote on board decisions but augment the board's knowledge and experience and assist with conservation district programs. They also offer a way to cultivate potential new commissioners, allow former commissioners to remain active in the district, and broaden community input to the district.

Did you know?

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Recent Awards

Congratulations to Dr. William Cain, jr for being awarded the 2019 Conservationist of the year, & also, congratulations to Benji & Crystal Floyd for being the 2019 Beginning Farmer of the year.

Goodwill Volunteers

The contrbution of your time and effort is greatly appreciated.  Environmental conservation is vital and requires a community effort.


Through your donation, the District is better able to promote conservation in all schools in the county as well as to sponsor the various programs available that promote conservation stewardship within Clarendon County.